What is FlyDry?

FlyDry is an agency that allows you to request beauty and grooming services anytime and anywhere. FlyDry professionals come to you whether at your home, in the office, or in your hotel room.

Who are the FlyDry professionals?

We have hand picked each one of our professionally trained stylists and makeup artists. Their experience varies from working at the top salons in your city to doing editorial, commercial, fashion, film and event work. The common thread is that they are incredibly talented and passionate about what they do.

Is FlyDry safe?

Yes! We vet every FlyDry service professional with a background check, interview, and references check.

How does FlyDry work?

Go to our website at FlyDry.net

Choose your preferred service browsing our Services menu

Click any of the BOOK Now or Schedule Now links to go to our Bookings Page

On the following screen, tell us how many guests, select a service, tell us when you need the service, then input your information, Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Address where you need the service. Also provide any other information such as allergies or parking directions that will make your FlyDry professional more prepared. Submit payment.

Complete Booking your FlyDry appointment. Please note our cancellation policy.

How do I get ready for my FlyDry appointment?

For blowouts, wash your hair prior to the appointment and have a place to sit that is near an electrical outlet so we can plug in our hairdryers. Our professionals will have products and tools with them, but please let them know if you have products that you would prefer they use, or if you have any allergies or special concerns.

For makeup applications, be ready with a clean face — no moisturizer on eyes. If you have a favorite brand, make it available. For in-office appointments, our artists can lightly clean the skin and dampen hair as needed, unless dry styling is requested to accomplish your desired look.

Can I select my FlyDry professional?

Your FlyDry professional is currently selected for you based on your profile and the stylist’s proximity to you. We carefully select the FlyDry professionals we work with and ensure that they are properly licensed and trained. We only allow the most talented and professional artists to join our network so that you don’t have to worry.

What services can I request on FlyDry?


Style and Makeup

Only Makeup


Updos and Makeup

Coming soon, we will add Eyelash Extension, Mani/Pedi and more services outside the beauty and wellness space. Stay Fly!

How much should I tip my FlyDry professional?

20% gratuity will be automatically charged to your card off the official retail purchase price, not discounted purchase price when a promo code applies. Additional tips are appreciated.

What is FlyDry’s cancellation policy?

We know things change, so we make it easy for you to cancel your reservations.

If you cancel more than 4 hours before your appointment, we will not charge you any cancellation fee.

However, you will be charged the full service fee if you cancel within 4 hours from the appointment time. FlyDry professionals might have rearranged their schedule to be there for you. We are sure you understand our respect for their time and commitment to you and FlyDry.

We allow any reservation to be canceled for the first 10 minutes after you make it for no fee.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you will be charged a cancellation fee. If you feel that you’ve been charged a cancellation fee by mistake, reach out to us at support@FlyDry.net.

When can I request a FlyDry service?

FlyDry services are available starting at 7:30am and our last appointment time starts at 10:30pm. We allow last-minute appointments with just 2 hours notice or you can schedule your appointment in advance.

If I am at the office do I need to have wet hair for a blowout?

No. While wet hair is recommended, it is not necessary. We are happy to do styling on dry hair.

I love FlyDry. How do I promote?

We appreciate the love! Go ahead and invite your friends and family to use FlyDry. You can invite your friends to check out FlyDry on Facebook, Twitter or privately by text or email. Feel free to check our Facebook and/or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us #FlyDry

How do I contact FlyDry?

You can contact our customer service via email at:

Email: support@flydry.net