Verification for FlyDry’s service professionals.

FlyDry vets each service professional as follows:

  1. Professional License

We verify service professionals license with the state’s licensing authority’s database.

  1. Department of Justice Smart Screen

We check to ensure each service provider is not a sexual offender using the Department of Justice’s comprehensive, nationwide registry.

  1. Criminal Background Check

We screen service professionals through the national criminal database of 550 million criminal record files.

  1. FlyDry Review

We personally meet and carefully audition each service profile to ensure that his/her performance and character meets our community standards.

  1. Identity Verification

We verify the following identity details: Email, Phone number, Social security number, bank account and social media accounts.

  1. Community verification

FlyDry asks for references to evaluate a service professional’s quality of work, timeliness and professionalism.

Your personal safety
While FlyDry seeks to create the safest marketplace for beauty services on the Internet, FlyDry does not insure against losses from work contracted through FlyDry, does not mediate disputes between clients and service providers
on FlyDry, and does not otherwise guarantee the work of the professionals listed on FlyDry.